LYDIA A. WALTON – Lien Specialist

Ms. Walton is the firm’s Workers’ Compensation Hearing and Lien Representative for California. With over 12 years of experience in the Workers’ Compensation arena as a Hearing Representative specializing in liens and holding an unbeatable “Take Nothing” Lien Trial record amongst her peers, she is a great asset to the Widom & Savey, LLP’s Workers’ Compensation team. Ms. Walton is well respected by the Workers’ Compensation Judges and has made innumerable appearances at Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards throughout the State of California, extending from San Francisco to San Diego. She has also worked as an employee of various insurance carriers, including State Farm, Zenith, and Fremont Compensation as a Hearing and Lien Representative. In 2003, Ms. Walton became certified with the California Insurance Guarantee Association. In addition to her extensive experience and knowledge regarding lien consolidated cases and SIU fraudulent claims, she was the first to present a Chiropractic consolidated matter before the State of California. Ms. Walton brings to the firm a unique approach to lien resolution and case closure.

Ms. Walton enjoys tennis, golf, singing, and collecting vintage broaches. She is also an avid fan of basketball and X Games. Ms. Walton is the granddaughter of the Former Mayor of Irwindale, Mr. Justin Garcia, and enjoys participating in annual city events.

Over the past 6 years, Ms. Walton has lectured at various insurance companies on the subject: “A Unique Approach to Resolution of Liens”, wherein she provided lien strategies toward favorable defense resolutions. Ms. Walton is a member of the Azusa Lighthouse Mission in downtown Los Angeles and the former Director of The Los Angeles Singles Conference. She is also the lead vocalist with “Shades of Brown”, a local Latin Jazz / Salsa band.